What is Brainmapping?

Brain Mapping gives answers to what’s going on below the surface. The electrodes are placed on the head, and read the electrical activity coming off of the brain.

The Process

Most clients come to me with a diagnosis, or a list of bothersome symptoms. I will not be assigning you a “diagnosis”, rather you will train your brain with me as your guide based on the results of a q-EEG brain map that will guide treatment.

Our Process

Our three step process is  simple, painless and non-invasive

You’ll be in loving care in a spa like environment. 

Step 1

You will come in to my restful sanctuary office in Kittery, ME for a free demonstration and chat about biofeedback and what neurofeedback training involves. You will meet me, see the equipment and hopefully have all of your questions answered.

Step 2

We will meet for an intake, and plan for the q-EEG or brainmapping. This is the use of a special electroencephalogram (EEG) monitor and computer software. Electrode sensors are placed on the scalp for the purpose of recording brain wave activity. The results of the brain map guides future treatment and will show areas of the brain that are above or below optimum and the resultant symptoms.

Step 3

You, the client whether adult or child will see your brain on a monitor in front of you and I will explain how your brain works, and you’ll receive auditory or visual feedback while the sensors read the brain waves, as well as important information about optimizing brain function. Changes in the feedback signal show whether brain activity falls in the designated range. This feedback allows the person undergoing training to self-regulate brain patterns with the help of the neurofeedback training practitioner. These altered brain wave patterns affect positive physical and emotional changes.

Neurofeedback Vs. Medication

Reasons for brain malfunction may include emotional dysregulation, biochemical damage or genetic abnormalities. While medications are often prescribed to manage symptoms arising from brain malfunction, they may fail to treat the true cause of the problem and produce undesirable side effects.

Neurofeedback, on the other hand, addresses the neurological problems directly, assisting the individual to regulate normal brain function in a safe and noninvasive manner. The brain has a great ability to regulate itself when information is provided with nearly instantaneous feedback.

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