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Pamela Blodgett

After four years of work in the busy office of Boston Neurofeedback Center, Pam brought her practice “home” to Kittery, Maine. Her office offers counseling, biofeedback and neurofeedback services in a rural setting with walking paths and a labyrinth.

“I like people and believe in your wellness and mine.”

Pamela Blodgett, Founder

“Each client is unique and it gives me great pleasure to serve families and individuals who want to achieve a more optimum state of Being. I enjoy working with a team of professionals on the seacoast who include chiropractors, Neurological optometrists, therapists, neurologists, and doctors of many specialities.”

Pamela Blodgett, Founder

Brainmapping Experience

  • M.Ed in Counseling and Education
  • BS in Speech Pathology and Audiology with a neurological emphasis including training with autism, psychosis, stroke and TBI
  • International licensurein Neurofeedback,certified by BCIA.org
  • 4 years work experience with Neurofeedback in Woburn, Ma serving 20+ clients per day.
  • Opened Brain Training of New England in 2015.
  • Didactic training in Neurofeedback with John Demos of Vermont
  • q-EEG training with John Anderson of Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic, as well as Doug Dailey from Northern California, creator of TAG SYNC training

Disability Experience

  • 30 years experience working with adults and children with disabilities
  • 14 years professor at UNH Durham in disability programming
  • 10 years of work for the states of Maine and NH as a case manager with Early Intervention, serving those families whose children were diagnosed 0-3 with disabilitites


International Experience

  • Fluent in English, and American Sign Language, Conversant in Spanish
  • Completed 20 service trips to Belize and Nicaragua servicing the super poor, and children/teens with Deafness and Blindness
  • Co-leader of the largest giving circle in the world called Dining for Women.


Gonzalo Vargas




After meeting Pamela in 2017 in Cusco-Peru, I was able to establish that my next objective will be to learn about Neurofeedback, that is the 25th of December of the year 2019, I arrived at Pamela's office in Maine, United States. To begin this adventure of exponential growth for my professional as well as human skills. From the beginning, the guidance of Pamela, who became my mentor, has been nurturing and with exceptional pedagogy, has known how to teach the fundamentals of neurofeedback day by day as well as put them into practice. I admit it has not been easy, there are many difficulties such as my language difficulties since my native language is Spanish, however, together we have managed to make progress, turning each difficulty into an opportunity to progress. I feel that Pamela accompanies me in this process of learning and personal growth from her patient and tireless vocation as my mentor and from her scientific and pedagogical objectivity as a professional. I can't find words to represent how grateful I am for all that Pamela has taught me. It only remains for me to say that I will be eternally grateful and never forget everything I have lived through.

- Gonzalo Vargas


Luego de conocer a Pamela el 2017 en Cusco-Perú pude fijar que mi siguiente objetivo sería aprender acerca del Neurofeedback, es así que el 25 de diciembre del año 2019 llegue a la oficina de Pamela en Maine, Estados Unidos. Para así empezar esta aventura de crecimiento exponencial para mis habilidades profesionales como también humanas. Desde el principio la orientación de Pamela quien se convirtió en mi Mentor ha sido nutritiva y con una pedagogía excepcional ha sabido enseñarme día a día los fundamentos del Neurofeedback como también ponerlos en práctica. Lo admito no ha sido fácil, se presentaron muchas dificultades como por ejemplo mis dificultades en el idioma ya que mi idioma natal es el español, sin embargo, juntos hemos sabido salir adelante convirtiendo cada dificultad en una oportunidad para progresar. Siento que Pamela me acompaña en este mi proceso de aprendizaje y de crecimiento personal desde su vocación paciente e incansable como mi mentor y desde su objetividad científica y pedagógica como profesional. No encuentro palabras para representar lo agradecido que estoy por todo lo que me ha enseñado Pamela solamente me queda decir que estaré eternamente agradecido y nunca olvidare todo lo vivido.

- Gonzalo Vargas

Kate Manuel



Kate has been teaching Yoga & Mindfulness for 9 years, is a multi-passionate coach and teacher. She is a certified Trauma-Informed provider, Yoga Teacher, Somatic Coach and Educator. A graduate of Outdoor Education and Philosophy at UNH, she has a deep understanding of experiential learning processes – or learning through experience. She will be a registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Clinical Somatic Educator by 2024, and is passionate about the intersection of somatics, mental health, creative processes, and overcoming limiting beliefs. Liberating her clients of many ailments, Kate loves to see her clients thrive in this world. Movement has been her medicine for years, and spending time in the Himalayas and teaching English in Southeast Asia taught her to truly find and embody her humble power.


She works with folks 1:1 and in groups, guiding people towards their greatest and fullest lives, using Somatics as a guidepost. A lifelong student, she is a devotee of living from the heart. Kate is a surfer, a self proclaimed artist, and loves dogs a little too much. 

Kate enjoys and finds great fulfillment in simply holding space for the clients she works with, and is experienced working with a wide array of life experiences.

Are you interested in becoming an intern?

You could train with Pamela Blodgett in Maine, USA for an entire year. Her training puts you on track for Brainmapping Certification!


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