Neurofeedback IS Energy Medicine


Written by Pamela Blodgett, M.Ed., BNC

The Heart beat of Earth, Energy Medicine and the Future of Health

The resonant frequency of Earth is 7.83hz. The Earth pulses from pole to pole like the hearts within our bodies are beating. It has a rhythm and a measurable frequency that was determined by a German scientist in 1951 named Dr. Otto Schumann.   It is called the Earth/Schumann resonance.

How does this affect us? Studies in the 60’s discovered in the world’s first shielded underground bunker studies (with young, healthy subjects), that when humans are deprived of the magnetic pulse of the earth, the subjects become ill, depressed, stressed and have headaches. When a Schumann resonance of 7.83hz was introduced to the subjects in the bunker, their health was restored.

It appears that the earth’s heartbeat assists our biorhythms. Interestingly, our brains also have a pulse close in this range. It’s called Alpha Rhythm and is linked to intelligence. It is the dominant frequency found in the human brain. Countless studies indicate that individuals with various conditions benefit from Alpha training as provided by a trained Neurofeeback practiioner. Quantitative Electro Encephologram (qEEG ) studies revealed that the most stable human brains are operated by those with strong alpha wave production, the predominant wave form in our brains when we meditate. Is it any surprise then the best brains on the planet (as measured by flexibility and health criterion) are operated by meditators?

What are some of the implications of this knowledge?

Newtonian physics is behind us, and Quantum field theories abound that inform our ever-expanding consciousness of science. In Newtonian thinking, the brain was nothing more than an epiphenomenon, or a byproduct of chemical and electrical impulses. Quantum field theory tells a new and different story.

Anyone who wants to understand the future of medicine should read the quantum field theory. The 5 pillars of the Newtonian paradigm have slowly been crumbling: the illusion of seperability, solidity, determinism, reality and consciousness. The quantum field theory is the basis for our modern smart phones, computers, lasers, as well as the human body. Yet, old theories die hard. And Newtonian thinking is the foundation of our Western allopathic medicine system.

Why is this important? Following Newton’s thinking about the apple and gravity is where his theories start to fall apart. At the cellular level our atoms are only .0000000001% nothing. In other words, we are only about one billionth physical. Ponder that!

We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh, a world reknowned Buddhist, teacher and author has been recovering in California from a stroke, and is recovering nicely due to this state-of-the-art form of energy medicine that a friend of mine refers to as “Shaman in a box”. A highly skilled Neurofeedback practioner from New England flies regularly to treat him with Neurofeedback sessions to heal his brain from the trauma of the stroke and restore function to the damaged parts of his brain.

The future of medicine, if I may be so bold, is to restore our bodies connection to earth, to resonate once again with a healthy balance. Studies show Americans are only out in nature 10% of their day.

A personalized qEEG or brain map can reveal where our rhythms may have been knocked out of calibration due to injury, pollution, illness, cognitive decline, or genetic factors. Training with Neurofeedback gently coaxes the brain to heal itself though frequency based training, or with pEMF (pulsed electro magnetic field) devices. Neurological differences need not impair your life, nor should medications be your only option for optimization. Learn more about Neurofeedback or Brain training from a provider near you.

First session is always free.


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