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New Years Resolutions

This is a great message about the importance of New Years Resolutions. Most lovely New year's message I have ever seen. <3Watch the original video here: Posted by Kulwant

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Neurofeedback IS Energy Medicine

Written by Pamela Blodgett, M.Ed., BNC The Heart beat of Earth, Energy Medicine and the Future of Health The resonant frequency of Earth is 7.83hz. The Earth pulses from pole

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End of Summer Special

Dear Cherished Clients, It has been an amazing summer of working with terrific humans, watching people overcome personal limitations and hurdles.  Some have slept for the first time in decades,

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Parietal lobes

Can you read and write? Do math? Put on your shoes? Read a map? Apply lipstick or know when someone is unhappy? Catch a ball? If so, thank your Parietal

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Occipital Lobe

In general, the average human brain weighs about 1,400 grams (3 lb). The brain looks like a large pinkish-gray walnut. The brain can be divided down the middle lengthwise into

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Your Frontal Lobe

Where is it?  It’s the front and top of your head What does it do?  This part of the brain handles thinking, decision- making, and planning. You use your frontal

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Neurofeedback measures brain waves and guides them to self-correction

Role of your Temporal Lobes

Clients often ask  me for more detailed descriptions of the lobes of the brain and their functions. For the next few Monday posts I’ll detail the different segments. The temporal

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