Your Brain’s Waves


 Did you know your signature brain wave activity is unique to you.? It has a distinct rhythm and pattern that has developed over time and through habit, much like your own unique fingerprint.

Brain training can help you develop new brain wave patterns that you might be lacking or needing more of for better functioning. For example, if you have difficulty focusing, Beta training will help the frontal lobes have better focus and attention. Or if you have trouble relaxing, theta and alpha programming will help with improved sleep and lowering anxiety. Through operant conditioning the brain learns to reorganize itself and see new ways to use its inherent plasticity. The HPN neurofeedback software whispers to your brain how to heal, much like a little wind in the sails of a toy boat in a tub allows it to skim across the water when you send a puff of air.

Gamma waves are the fastest of the brainwave frequencies and signify the highest state of focus possible. They are associated with peak concentration and the brain’s optimal frequency for cognitive functioning. Nobel prize winning scientist, Sir Francis Crick believes that the 40Hz frequency may be the key to the act of cognition. 40 Hz is the window frequency used in all Brain Sync Gamma and Beta wave programs and where many new programs are headed for optimization. The research is very exciting for all of us in this field, and for you as a client wishing to “upgrade” your brain/mind and achieve a state of optimum.

Can you use brain wave therapy to improve your life? The short answer is a rousing YES!  In and of itself, brain wave therapy will relax you, open your mind to new ideas, inspire you and let you think more creatively. Our brains want to learn and grow. Come experience the how at in beautiful Kittery, Maine. Packages available.



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